Surprising career benefits of reading books


Many people lose interest in reading as they enter the adult world and start their careers. Perhaps they’ll pick up a book once in a while, maybe a novel here and there, but often without too much thought. Are you one of these people? Or do you still have a driving passion for reading?

Either way, there are actually a variety of surprising career benefits of reading books, so it’s definitely worthwhile to set up a cosy reading nook, get your hands on some good-quality books, and start reading!

Reading books provides powerful mental stimulation

Whether you’re working your way through a quick-read, or investing through a longer book, reading provides mental stimulation that helps keep your brain sharp and active. Cognitive stimulation has been proven to result in better skills in the workplace, and critical thinking skills are always sought after by recruiters and employers.

The mental stimulation achieved when reading books also results in an improved memory. This is an attractive quality to have when pursuing your career, as you can be trusted to have a good handle on everything and remember all the necessary details.

Reading books expands and enriches your knowledge and vocabulary

Reading non-fiction is an incredible way of absorbing knowledge and facts in an effective manner. By tackling challenging texts about topics you’re interested in, or even by browsing through non-fiction books on various topics, you’re sure to broaden your knowledge, as well as your vocabulary. These are both things that aid your career and presenting yourself as confident and knowledgeable.

It’s through exposure to new content that you become smarter, wiser and build up a better breadth of experience with different topics. Without a doubt, these will be things you can bring with you to interviews or promotion requests to help prove yourself as a successful, well-rounded and educated individual.

Reading books radically improves your focus and concentration

Sitting and reading a book requires concentration, focus, dedication and persistence. These are all extremely valuable skills that almost every employer looks for in their potential hires. Putting these into practice through reading is an easy way to improve, and you’ll see flow-on effects on your work as well. You’ll be better able to focus on problems and tasks you’re assigned at work, and will likely become more efficient at handling issues as well.

What books are best for career benefits?

Are you wanting to specifically read books that will directly improve your career? That’s definitely an option as well! There is an extensive array of personal development handbooks out there, to help you learn about and improve in specific skills or areas of your life. It can also be worth bringing out textbooks and journals in your specialty field of work, which are most likely to teach you things that will directly improve your career path.

Take advantage of these proven career benefits of reading books. It’s not hard to set aside even just half an hour per day to work your way through a book, so pop into your local library to borrow a book or buy yourself one from your nearby bookstore, and get reading! You won’t be disappointed with the benefits that are just around the corner.

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