3 reasons why books are so important

Importance of books

As the world around us lurches into the digital age, where technology prevails and the nature of communication evolves, there are still some things that we need to hold onto in the face of these changing mediums. For centuries books have prevailed as the source of knowledge, truth, wisdom, and entertainment - crossing realms to reach people intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. But nowadays they face the threat of disinterest from many of the younger generations.

Here are 3 reasons why books are so important for children and adults alike, and why they’re undoubtedly worth the investment.

1. Books stimulate your brain

The range of books out there are almost endless. There are literally billions of novels, non-fiction, and more, ready and waiting to be consumed by people like you. If you’re reading an informative book, perhaps about a topic you’re interested in or want to learn more about, or maybe a biography about an influential individual’s life, there’s so much to be gathered from these.

From inspiration, to knowledge, to advice, to facts - books stimulate your brain and get you thinking about the yourself, the world and everything in it. After finishing a great book, you often have takeaways that have resonated with you, such as tips you can put into practice, or a new perspective on a topic or ideal that you hadn’t previously considered.

2. Books engage your imagination

As you immerse yourself in the literary wonders that novelists across the globe have poured their hearts and minds into, you can’t help but become swept up in the magic that is a good story. Books are a wonderfully effective way of engaging your imagination, as you bring to life the words on the page in your mind.

Not only is this a highly enjoyable experience, but it can have flow-on effects to how you deal with life and its challenges as well. Empowered by an improved imagination, you’re better able to tackle problems in a creative way. Creativity is what can spark ingenuity, and this in turn brings a whole realm of benefits. This is particularly important for children, whose imaginations and creativity are growing by the day.

3. Books are an effective means of practicing concentration

Particularly in today’s rapidly evolving age of technology, screens, and instant gratification, scientists have proven that people’s attention spans are decreasing. It’s not surprising when you think about how easy it is to flick between television channels when you’re bored, or switch between apps on your phone within seconds.

Reading, however, is different. You need to dedicate time and focus to get through a book, whether it’s a short story or a lengthy series. Putting this concentration into practice is an excellent way to spend your time, rather than scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeds for an hour.

It’s also an opportunity to relax, to exercise stillness and calmness in our otherwise busy lives. This is also true for children as well! Encouraging them to spend some time reading is a powerful way to improve their concentration and focus.

Given the radical importance of books, it’s worth investing some time into reading! Whether it’s while you travel to or from work, or before you go to bed at night, or as an alternative to video games or social media, you’re sure to find reading a valuable and rewarding experience. Rekindle a passion for books and you’re on your way to gaining the proven benefits of reading!

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