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Architecture is more than just glass, steel, or concrete. Architecture is about solving problems and understand the context of a puzzle beyond the defined borders of a site. It's the practice of delivering solutions. It is the living story of how society’s values are reflected and affected by the built environment. It is the combination of science and art which play a very crucial part to make the society a better place. You just need a mere idea on the back of your mind that turns Into a Massive beautiful structure with the help of technology and teamwork.

Whether you are an architecture fan, a students or a professional. Architecture books are best consume in physical form. If you need some creative spark you can grab a book from your shelf to illuminate an idea. These books remains incredibly useful for practice in many ways. The books for architecture provide context for your work, history, precedent, theory, techniques, and fresh prespectives. These are like harmonic frequencies that continues to vibrate and resonate over time even if your ideology is evolving.

If you are interested in Architecture and want to read some books for architecture, we have a list of books that maybe helpful for you in this regard.

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