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Below is a list of the best books for babies based on Amazon reviews.

When you say the word baby, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cackle of that smiling face. And when you hear “books for babies,” you remember the books with all the colours and pictures inside with rhymes and stories that are bound to create a smile on that little face.

These books here are no different than others. But the plus factor in the books here is that these books would get you more than the mere smile and more than you bargained for. The benefit of reading these books to your child would create a bond between you and your little ones, which can never be lost in the tantrum of life. You would give your child hand on knowledge for the early language skills necessary for communication. This communication would lead to the intellectual nourishment of your little one from that initial time.

Reading would let your child know the soothing effect of your voice and tone. And by continuous repetition of this process, you can enhance the vocabulary of your child. Rhymes and pictures in the stories of these books would have a positive effect on the memorizing process of your children. It would also infest the habit of reading in the children when they grow up.

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