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The Internet is filled with books for the babies with the text for a mother to narrate. But what about the dads? Can’t a dad read a storybook to his loving child? The answer is a big fat, yes. But to find such a book on the internet and in the stores is just like finding a needle in a huge haystack.

So dad, don’t get mad. We have books just for you. These are the books for you and your baby, so you can also have the study time together. And can create the most durable bond with your children, which will be cherished forever. Here in these books, we have written the stories in the masculine tone. You can read this to your child in a rough and tough way. But we also have not forgotten the stories to teach soft and sublime moralities to be infested in your child`s personality.

These books would give you the chance to cuddle with your child. You will read these stories to teach new words, sentences and ideas to your children. In this book, you will use the rhyming words to increase the vocabulary of your child.

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