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You are a dad and have been expecting a child. You have taken your beloved to the hospital. In the labor room, you are standing next to her. You are completely baffled and don’t know what to do or what to say. You are not the only person who has not prepared yourself for this situation.

In these books, we the authors have discussed a number of different situation where you can learn how to behave and how to say what needs to be said. You would learn in these books that a dad to always have two choices. Choice number one “don’t give a damn and live your life as you always did”. Choice number two” step up, come forward and be a responsible person to support her in the most important life-changing event of both of your lives.

If you chose number two, then read these books. You would get to know that when a male accepts his responsibilities, he has to play his role in many different stages. You would learn how to support her emotionally, how to be there physically and how you can make her feel that she is safe because you are around her to support her no matter what the scenarios are.

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