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Dementia is not a specific disease, but many other conditions cause this brain issue. Most seniors are affected by this phenomenon. The symptoms of this affect range from struggling to remembering names of the things to emotional and communication problems and forgetting people or parts of one`s life entirely.

Writing books for this segment has really been a serious issue for authors around the globe. These books are fabricated for this group by keeping in mind to keep the dignity and pride of these seniors intact. Since you cannot hand a children's book to a senior citizen and expect him to enjoy it without getting him hurt emotionally, and when it’s about reading the big novel and remembering the whole paragraphs, you can never have the luck. These books are simply printed to be seen as adults’ books. But these books provide short stories, little paragraphs, and easy things to remember so that they can enjoy the habit of reading as they once did.

The most significant feature of these books is the pictures involving the characters and the stories. Researches have suggested that pictures help people with dementia to improve their learning, adaptability and communication with the people around them. Books with pictures make them memorize things better, and it becomes a kind of mild remedy for their issue.

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