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Below is a list of good books for kids based on Amazon reviews.

The easiest way for the exercise of a kid’s brain is to read a book. According to the research, by the time the child is 5 years old, 90% of the brain is already developed. The book reading prepares your kids for kindergarten. When the children are not ready for kindergarten, they are not ready for preschool. Reading helps kids to interact with other kids. They can identify objects quickly. There are many books for kids that make them emotionally stable. When kid reads on their own before preschool, it helps them for educational success.

The habit of reading develops your intellect and keeps your mind fresh. If you want to improve the vocabulary of your child, there are many books for kids. Book reading makes your kids more sensible and teaches them new things. Your kids always remain one step ahead of their age fellows. The brain of kids can be kept sharp, and memory can be prevented from weakening. Reading develops the confidence of kids and keeps them relax.

There are many books for kids in the market. You can choose according to the taste of your kids. Such as books with illustrations and text, fiction books, non-fiction books, biography, history, poetry, folklore.

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