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The toughest job of the world with no holidays, no salary and no recognition at all is “being a mother”. Mother is the person who is responsible for the upbringing, care, nurturing and nourishment of the children. With no acknowledgement for all the agonizing toils from dawn to dusk for all the 365 days a year with no break at all.

These books can not readily guide you to the process on how to earn acknowledgement from the people around you. But these books will surely guide you to the process of time management as how to manage your time to conduct all the activities in time so you can readily meet the time scheduled chores. These books will guide you to control your emotions and hold yourself together so that you can meet your own expectations. You would also get the knowledge about the exercises and activities to cope with the stress inflicted upon you by the little humans ready to hit your Achilles heel and on the time when you are expecting it the least.

These books would take you through this journey with all the information required to be a proud mother on the later times when all the hard work would pay off.

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