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Below is a list of the best books for newborns based on Amazon reviews.

Don’t get surprised when next time you visit your doctor, and he advises you to read a book to your newborn baby daily. The “American Academy of Pediatrics” AAP has recommended that the doctors should encourage the parents to read a book to their children daily. And this habit should start right from birth.

These books are created and designed to cater the needs of the little one. Your newborn needs to be involved in the situation. The baby learns the early literary skills. Studies suggest that reading these books to your children assures the increase in better communication skills and good math skills compared to the children who have missed this privilege by their parents. These books provide you with the chance to create a strong bond with your young ones. By reading the stories in these books, you can also teach good model behavior in your children.

The words in the stories of these books make your children laugh and remember the tone of the accent to have a better understanding of oral communication skills. These pictures in the stories, and some stories entirely told in pictures enhances the memory, recognition and retention process of your children right from the zero month.

Top books for newborns

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