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The best books for teens

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Below is a list of the best books for teens based on Amazon reviews.

In the world where entertainment is right in our hands, you may ask yourself a point of reading, especially for teens? Reading is becoming a dying habit because there are faster alternatives to consume on social media. There are many books for teen in the market that develops your intellect and keeps your mind fresh. Reading develops confidence in teens and keeps them relax.

Reading is the food for the teen’s brain. The fiction and non-fiction both give benefit to mind. According to the research, reading has the power to change your brain structure which makes you more emphatic and improves cognitive processes. Teenagers are always in their learning stage; they become smarter when they a lot of information. The vocabulary of teen’s needs improvement and books helps to expand your vocabulary, which you can use to express yourself better. There’s this quote from Game of thrones that sums this point nicely.

“My brother has his sword, King Robert has his Warhammer, and I have my mind… and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.” Non-fiction can be better than other genres; you can learn about that show up more often in a regular conversation like technology.

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