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Below is a list of the best books for learning yoga based on Amazon reviews.

Yoga is not just an exercise. You must understand that to be in yoga is only a destination, but somewhere along the way, the process itself got named as yoga. There are plenty of studies that demonstrate that yoga is the potential for heath. For example, Oxford University found that people who practice yoga even once a week were less stressed out, have lower blood pressure, and slept better at night. Yoga is not just good for mental health; according to the national institute of health, yoga helps with muscular skeleton issues. It can even help relieve asthma.

There are tons of different ways of yoga with different names such as Bikram yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga karma yoga, nana yoga, power yoga etc. There are 112 basic ways of doing yoga but millions of tools that evolved out of these fundamentals.

It is very difficult to choose a book for yoga without a piece of expert advice. Because there are a variety of yoga books, some books are difficult to follow; some are for beginners. We have a list of top yoga books for beginners, as well as for experts. You can select any book according to your liking.

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